Join us at Hogwarts is Home

Fifteen years ago a group of Harry Potter enthusiasts had an idea. They wanted to create, not just another community, but a family. On November 13, 2004, platform_934 was created with one goal. To be the gateway into this magical world. Since its inception, there have been countless people sorted into their proper homes. People who have earned points for their houses by competing in a wide range of clubs and activities. People who have made lasting friendships with those they otherwise would not have met.

That was 15 years ago. And the community is still going STRONG.

Are you a Harry Potter Fan? Have you ever wanted the chance to see in what house you truly belonged in? Here is your chance. Visit our profile. Fill out the application. Get sorted.

And come home to Hogwarts.

*Please note this is NOT a role-playing game. When applying, please apply as yourself with an honest and elaborated application. Our members will see to the real you, and cast their votes to which house you truly belong.