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15th-Oct-2016 07:38 pm - Australian Ebay community

Please join aus_ebay today :: a hub for Aussie eBayers to promote their listings!

Affiliations are welcomed.
20th-Sep-2016 01:01 am - Game of Cards
image: 1up

Phase 9 of the multifandom challenge comm gameofcards has begun!
Come and join the fun and tell them stellicidio sent you!
31st-Aug-2016 06:19 am - poemprompts & staffylove
me me
Writer's block? Try a poem prompt!

poemprompts poemprompts poemprompts

Love staffords? Join in and share the smiles!

staffylove staffylove staffylove
23rd-Aug-2016 12:49 am - lims-btvs round #11 sign ups
btvs ; buffy s6 ; omwf life's a show

lims_btvs | Sign ups | Challenge 1

This round will be all theme/technique challenges instead of screencaps.
10th-Jul-2016 03:30 pm - Avengers Fest

avengersfest is open to all canons that fall under the MCU umbrella including the TV shows!
FAQs, Rules, and Dates
Signups are open here!
4th-Apr-2016 11:33 pm(no subject)
Johnny Depp
A new round is now open @ pirates20in20!
In this special actor round you can claim whatever actor from the saga!
Are you brave enough to sign the roster?
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